We have experience in all facets of customs clearance, tariff classification, import restrictions, trade agreements, export logistics, value determination and admissibility issues regarding a wide range of artistic works. We build long term and personal relationships with our clients, based upon a philosophy of dedicated service and high ethical standards. We make it a priority to understand the needs of your business and to offer solutions that best achieve your goals. We also take the time to explain the details of the customs clearance and documentation process to ensure you understand all the steps involved. Our combination of knowledge, and experience, ensures reliable and timely clearance of your sculptures and paints, on a consistent basis.

Renovart USA provides responsive, professional, and expert service to our clients regarding all types of customs related activities. We are fully licensed and regulated by the United States Customs and Border protection through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and have built a reputation with CPB regarding consistent compliance. We pay attention to every detail to provide the fastest and most efficient means of importing your artwork.